PONTIAC created some great cars over the years. It all started in the late 50’s with the introduction of the Wide Track Pontiac. With legendary engines like the Super Duty and cars like the GTO and Firebird. Pontiac had the rest of the Automotive Industry on the run.
You will find many useful (I hope) features here such as: Option Codes, History, Number Crunching and other facts. Updates to the Spotter’s Guide to include the Special Edition Trans Ams . Also be sure the check out the PontiacPower.Net Virtual Junkyard for pictures of the Pontiac’s that have seen better days. And lastly a new section for decoding all of those engine, heads, intake, etc. Casting and Codes numbers.
If you have any facts, codes, pictures, etc. Let me know. I really do like hearing from everyone. Send me any good Pictures or Links of Pontiac’s or any other info that might be useful and I’ll post them here, please let me know! Be Sure to check this page often, So you won’t miss any changes.

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