CARS  Just love them.  While I do hold a soft spot for Pontiacs, I pretty much like them all from an American Motors AMX to a Mercury Zefer.  Growing up in Michigan it wasn’t too hard to see why.  Most everyone I know, in some way or another has either worked for or supported the automotive industry.  Heck even today, I can literally watch the cars come out of the Delta Plant in Lansing from my front yard.


While I don’t know when the car bug bit me (my wife swears that I was born with it), I do have some very early memories.  One was going with dad (he is kinda a Ford guy but won’t admit it) when he picked up a ’65 Mustang he wanted to restore.  I asked him about that a few years ago.  From what we figured I was about 3 at the time.  I do remember, however, quite vividly the precise moment that I became a Pontiac nut.

It was the summer of 1977, before I saw Smokey and the Bandit.  I was riding in the front seat of my Mom’s ‘74 Olds ex-cop-car.  We were sitting at a traffic light when a red Trans Am pulled up next to us.  I can remember that it had side-pipes and a low rumble.  I was really checking it out and when the light changed to green… that was The Moment.  Off he went with those side pipes roaring and chirp of the tires when he shifted into second.  It wasn’t long after that we went to see the Smokey and the Bandit movie and I didn’t stand a chance.

Fred SchrammAs a Systems Administrator, I wanted to do something a little bit more fun.  Back in 1996, I was working for a local computer company and thought I’d start a web site.  I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do.  I started a tech-support site and quickly found that there was no line between work and play as it all kinda blurred together.  I can remember thinking back then that there were not a lot of sites for my favorite: Pontiac.  So, out of my love for Pontiacs came this web site.

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