32 MILES.  Maybe to work and back or maybe a short trip across town? It doesn’t seem that far, I’ve even rode my bicycle that far (although that was many years ago).  However, that same 32 miles is the distance that I have drove my Quad just plowing the snow in my driveway this year and as of this  writing, it is only February.

20140119_234348_resizeDon’t get me wrong, I just love winter.  Living in Michigan there are many great opportunities to go out and play.  Whether it is downhill skiing, Ice fishing or Snowmobiling there are many things to do in the winter months. However, there is that point in winter when Cabin Fever sets in.  It’s still cold as Hell outside, the days are short and your ready to be done with it all.  At some point you just have to get out and DO something.  A few days ago I went outside and shoveled the walkway off with just a T-shirt on and actually caught myself thinking  “it’s not too bad out here now that it has warmed up to 25F”.   The other day, I went out to the barn and just took the cover off of the cars.  No particular reason, just had been awhile!  I stood there and admired the body lines and the all of that gold pin-striping on my Trans Am.  I even took my cover off of my Dakota R/T.  It got me thinking about all of the the things I was planing on doing this winter and how I hadn’t gotten to most of them.  But I did get a list together in my head of some of the parts I still need to track down.  So at least I can say I did some work on the car this winter!