201310180012_resizeFall Homecoming.  Funny how those simple words have meant so many different things over the years.    Back in high school there was the football game and homecoming queen.  Not long after was college and watching the games of MSU vs UofM.  The fall also brings Oktoberfest in Frankenmuth, MI with Lederhosen and beer.  In the recent years the Detroit Tigers have been the shining highlight in motor city come postseason.

Today was much different. After almost 30 years my T/A was Back in Black.  Certainly looking much better than anything that GM could have done in the 70’s.  Holt & Mason Towing 201310180004_resize provided the ride home on a  flatbed.  I didn’t want to risk putting that “First Scratch” in it if I’d had loaded it up on the trailer and brought it home myself.  But there it was  sitting in my drive way and looking just great.  The guys at Mason Autobody did better than I’d expected and as good as I’d hoped.

So what is next?  Well, all of that interior that has been out of it for all of these years. That is going to be a project for the winter.  There are a few items that I need to figure out if I will use the original (rear package tray, headliner, etc.)  or see if I can get a good Repo or find a good one on eBay / Craig’s List.