72transam 022Nothing And I mean nothing could match Pontiac in the 60’s &  70’s when it came to a car’s image.  That in-your-face dare that only Pontiac could do.  The first was the Judge in 1969. It set the stage for the 1970 Trans Am making it’s debut with that Screaming Chicken. It came of age by 1973, growing from that small bird on the nose to a $55 option that covered the full hood bird.  And by 1979 it  it grew so big the the wings covered the fenders and carried on to the doors with two-tone paint on the 10th Anniversary Trans Am (TATA).  I would guess that John Schinella, the designer of that beautiful bird, had no idea how much of of statement it would be by the end of the 1970’s.

Screaming ChickenFast forward to the present day, my Trans Am started its transformation from “just” a black car in to a true Special Edition.  Jeff  “The Stripe Man”, started with what he called “one of the hardest stickers to put on car”, the gigantic black and gold bird on the hood from Phoenix Graphics.  Then if that isn’t enough, there is about 10,000 miles of that gold pin-striping that only Pontiac could have dreamed up with in the disco 70’s.  After watching Jeff for a bit, I couldn’t imagine the line workers in Norwood, OH dealing with these back in the day.  I mean, the height of it all Pontiac pushed some 200,000 (117,000 Trans Ams) Firebirds out the door in 1979.