winter of 78

This past Christmas and New Years brought back memories of  when I was a kid growing up in the rust belt of Michigan.  We quickly become used to the snow.  I can remember that big storm of ’78.  I think that we got about 2 to 3 feet of snow with snow drifts as tall as the house.  While we only received about 18″ of the white stuff this past holiday, I found that surprisingly I had to dig out again.

Times have changed a bit with our modern cars and trucks with all-wheel/4-wheel drive.  That hasn’t always been the case.  There was a time when, dare I say it, our cars were just cars and we drove them everyday.  If it snowed, you got up early to scrape the windows and shovel a path to the road so you could go to work.

I can remember back in high school getting up early when it snowed just so I could do doughnuts in the junior high parking lot along the way and splitting  before someone reported it to the cops.  While it was a blast to do (and honestly it still is), I did learn how my car would behave when pushed.  I know that I have kept it out of the ditch more than once because of playing… er, training on those snowy mornings.