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1978 Firebird Sky Bird

The Pontiac Spotlight will feature a different Pontiac each month. If you have a Pontiac that you would like featured here please email me your details and a few pictures to share.

For August a 1978 Firebird Sky Bird.

New for 1977, based on a 1976 show car called the Blue Bird, was a W60 Sky Bird option package for the Esprits. They were essentially direct copies of the show car, but the Blue Bird Body Company of Georgia refused to allow use of the original name. The number of Sky Birds isn't available, but the package has some extra appeal to modern Firebird collectors and seem to be getting scarce.

The Sky bird package contained many unique featurs such as:

Two-tone blue finish, medium blue upper - dark blue lower
Blue trimmed snowflake wheels
Medium blue grille liners
Blue-accendted taillights bezels
Sky Bird sail panel decals
Bodyside tape stripes, in graduating tones of blue
Blue Custom interior
Blue Formula steering wheels
Blue Custom seat belts

This featured 1978 Sky Bird is essentaily the same as the pervious year but with the updated interior for 1978. This car was found on Ebay a few months ago. It sold for over $12,500. The special edition Firebird had only 4,000 actual miles and had never been titled. The car was still on the original factory M.S.O. (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin). Dingman-Hatch Pontiac in Ocala Florida sold this car on January 13th 1978 to Polly Jane Burris who kept the car for 21 years. Polly and her husband owned Cardinal Motors in Ocala and therefore simply reassigned the M.S.O. and never titled or registered the car, on the rare occasion when the car was driven they did so on their dealer plate. The car also had all the original documents like the window sticker, bill of sale, packet of books and owners manual, dealer inspection sheet, sales brochure and Manufacturer's Statement of Origin.

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