The Spotter’s Guide is a way to help in identifying your Pontiac. In this guide, I hope to show the differences between the various generations of the Firebird, GTO and Grand Prix. Most of this information has been gathered from various sources including High Performance Pontiac, General Motors Archives, and many of my friends on the internet. I have also added new sections to identify your Trans Am or Firebird by checking the Body Tag, Vin and Engine markings.

If you still can’t figure out which options your Pontiac came with from the factory, then you may want to Try:

Pontiac Historical Services
PO BOX 183251
Shelby Twp, MI 48318



All they need is The Year, Model, and the VIN. and most of all $65.00 U.S. funds. Be sure to include your Name, Address, and a Phone number. With that, PHS will send you a copy of the invoice or billing history, a letter decoding the car’s options, a copy of a dealer order for that model year, a official photo of the year and model, and other miscellaneous info that may be available for that year and model. The only catch is that you must have a Pontiac between 1961 and 1998. This is a very nice service that is offered to Pontiac owners. I don’t know of any other car company that offers a service such as this.

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